Tracce di emozioni

pensieri, emozioni e raggi di sole attraverso le tenebre

best albums of 2009



Notes To An Absent Lover



Antony & The Johnsons

The Crying Light

(Secretly Canadian)


This Immortal Coil

The Dark Age Of Love

(Ici D’Ailleurs)


Leyland Kirby

Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was

(History Always Favours The Winners)


Leonard Mynx


(Self released)


Cats On Fire

Our Temperance Movement

(Johanna Kustannus)


Savoy Grand

Accident Book



Alela Diane

To Be Still

(Rough Trade)


Mi And L’Au

Good Morning Jokers




Wild Geese


11. Piano Magic


(Make Mine Music)

12. Alondra Bentley

Ashfield Avenue

(Absolute Beginners)

13. Grizzly Bear



14. The Beautiful Schizophonic



15. Vic Chesnutt

At The Cut


16. Soap&Skin

Lovetune For Vacuum


17. Butcher Boy

React Or Die

(How Does It Feels To Be Loved?)

18. Bill Callahan

Sometimes I Wish I Were And Eagle

(Drag City)

19. The Clientele

Bonfires On The Heath


20. At Swim Two Birds

Before You Left

(Vespertine & Son)

21. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


22. Balmorhea

All Is Wild, All Is Silent

(Western Vinyl)

23. The Steadfast Shepherds

The Steadfast Shepherds


24. Heather Woods Broderick

From The Ground


25. Port-Royal

Dying In Time


26. Kings Of Convenience

Declaration Of Dependence


27. 36



28. Rameses III

I Could Not Love You More


29. Rachel Grimes

Book Of Leaves


30. Taxi Taxi!

Still Standing At Your Back Door


31. Shannon Wright

Honeybee Girls

(Vicious Circle)

32. Tim Hecker

An Imaginary Country


33. Marissa Nadler

Little Hells



Dakota Suite

The End Of Trying

(Karaoke Kalk)

35. Múm

Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know



Message To Bears


(Dead Pilot)

37. Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek

Blank Grey Canvas Sky

(Fang Bomb)

38. New North Wales

New North Wales


39. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

Through The Devil Softly


40. Aarktica

In Sea


41. Tiny Vipers

Life On Earth

(Sub Pop)

42. Revolver

Music For A While


43. Dente

L’amore non è bello


44. Glen Johnson

Details Not Recorded

(Make Mine Music)

45. Zelienople

Give It Up


46. Terry Emm

White Butterflies


47. James Blackshaw

The Glass Bead Game

(Young God)

48. Hildur Guðnadottir

Without Sinking


49. Felix

You Are The One I Pick


50. Sara Lov

Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming


51. Emily Jane White

Victorian America


52. The Leisure Society

The Sleeper


53. Still Light



54. Elisa Luu

Chromatic Sigh

(Hidden Shoal)

55. Le Lendemain


(Home Normal)

56. Pan American

White Bird Release




The Conformist


58. Annelies Monseré



59. Old John Lost


(Self Released)

60. A Dancing Beggar

What We Left Behind

(Great Independent)

61. Noah And The Whale

The First Days Of Spring


62. Almost Charlie

The Plural Of Yes

(Words On Music)

63. The Declining Winter

Haunt The Upper Hallways

(Home Assembly)

64. Espers


(Drag City)

65. Scott Matthew

There’s An Ocean That Divides…


66. Louisville

A Silent Effort In The Night


67. Saeta

Else Another Light Might Go Out


68. Audie Darling

Full Of Ghosts

(One Shoe Rooster)

69. Last Days

The Safety Of The North


70. Cheval Sombre

Cheval Sombre

(Double Feature)

71. Akira Kosemura

Polaroid Piano

(Someone Good)

72. Molina And Johnson

Molina And Johnson

(Secretly Canadian)

73. Andrew Bird

Noble Beast

(Fat Possum)

74. Solanaceae


(Heiðrunar Myrkurnar)

75. Sleeping Me


(Hidden Shoal)

76. Dog Is Blue

…Makes Ghost Noises


77. Hjaltalín



78. Great Lake Swimmers

Lost Channels


79. Jeremy Jay

Slow Dance



Pastels & Tenniscoats

Two Sunsets


81. Oweihops


(Self Released)

82. Musette


(Toma Serenade)

83. Un Vortice di Bassa Pressione

Anonymous Said

(Inglorious Ocean)

84. JBM

Not Even In July

(JBM Music)

85. Pillowdiver

Sleeping Pills


86. Mimes Of Wine

Apocalypse Sets In


87. Motohiro Nakashima

We Hum On The Way Home


88. Tara Jane O’Neil

A Ways Away


89. Matt Jones

The Black Path

(Self Released)

90. Castanets

Texas Rose, The Thaw And The Beast

(Asthmatic Kitty)

91. Grand Salvo

Soil Creatures


92. Hayden

A Place Where We Lived


93. Lhasa



94. Nancy Elizabeth

Wrought Iron


95. Ed Laurie

Small Boat Big Sea

(Tôt Ou Tard)

96. Owen

New Leaves


97. To Kill A Petty Burgeoisie



98. Wes Willenbring

Close, But Not Too Close

(Hidden Shoal)

99. Joker’s Daughter

The Last Laugh

(Team Love)

100. Emmy The Great

First Love

(Close Harbour)


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